Lana Daher

PSLab's monochromatic Berlin showroom is a "sacred place for light".

A home for PSLab in London. Designed by James Plumb. A house of light and shadow. Not an office, neither a showroom. Yet serving both these functions. A discreet, yet permanent presence in the neighbourhood. Grounded. Hospitable. Activated by light.

Below are a series of 5 short films about PSLab; a design and manufacturing company of site-specific luxury lighting products and optics, custom-manufactured in their own factory.

What makes our experience?

We love to experiment. We break it, stretch it, bend it, crush it, try it. Again and again. We trust the process. We allow failure to be part of it. You only learn balance by losing it. (00:01:41)

What makes our communication?

Lighting design is an art and a science. Our work is about aesthetics, about the science of lighting, about design, about architecture. But most of all, our work is about communication. About you and me. Lighting is for people. (00:02:17)

What makes an object?

This is the story of a very special lamp. A charismatic personality. In charge of space. Like any lamp, it was designed. Unlike other lamps, it was custom-designed for The Jane, a beautiful restaurant in Antwerp. Handmade in Beirut. (00:02:26)


What makes a collaboration?

Our designers and craftsmen work as partners in a team, in close collaboration with the client. The interaction between design and build, embedded in a fabric of good communication, is our essence. (00:02:02)

What makes our home?

Forget all you know about lighting industry standards. Everything we do is personalized and context-specific. We design what we build. We build what we design. This is us. Working. Putting emotion to detail. Learning by doing. And doing it every day. Welcome to PSLAB. (00:01:55)